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The Science

Learn how Mouse Free prevents critters

Mice are a real problem in the RV world and beyond. Inclined to enter warm spaces in search of food and shelter, mice can chew and gnaw creating holes allowing access to the undercarriage, storage compartments and living spaces. This causes many problems to wiring and property not to mention the disinfecting and cleaning required once rodents get in.

If you’ve checked any online forum discussing mice getting into campers and RVs, you’ll know that countless people have been searching for a better solution.

That’s where Mouse Free comes in.

Invented by fifth-wheel owner John, Mouse Free is the only patented solution that not only prevents rodents from ever entering your RVs, motorhomes, trailers, and agricultural equipment, but it also seals and protects the undercarriage.

How It Works

Mouse Free is a ‘do it yourself’ product that comes in a one-gallon jug or a five-gallon pail. Using our application gun, Mouse Free can be sprayed across the entire undercarriage of a motorhome or trailer.

Mouse Free smells nice to humans but rodents steer clear.  Mouse Free also acts as an undercarriage lubricant that creates a thin protective coating which rodents and insects cannot travel across. 

So, say goodbye to mothballs and scented dryer sheets – Mouse Free has you covered.


Mouse Free is non-toxic and safe*! The same high grade oils are found in products used by parents to protect their babies bottoms from diaper rash. These same oils are commonly used for relaxation during aromatherapy treatments.

*Mouse Free is safe when used as directed. It is not implied that the product can be used for aromatherapy, nor should it be used for any other purpose except what is found in the directions.

Achieving a Mouse Free Home


“My husband just got back from opening the trailer for the season. Year #2 with your product and still no mice after only one application last year! Thanks again from one Happy Camper!” - P. A

“Hi, I purchased the Mouse Free lubricant for my trailer. I sprayed the trailer well and parked the trailer in our pole barn, I also park for the winter our 6'X12' utility enclosed trailer. Every year we had mice in the trailer, but surprise surprise, this year NO mice at all. I check every month, left glue boards on it, but nothing! All clear! Thanks for a great product.”Peter

Contact Mouse Free Today

If you have questions about how Mouse Free works, call 1-877-902-2730 for more information.