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Getting to know the risks

The risks associated with rodent and pest infestation are real and serious. To learn more, please take a look through the following press releases, PDF downloads, and resources.

What You Need To Know About Mice

Mice have an amazing ability to climb straight up walls, or jump 12 inches high, and can easily fit through holes the width of a thimble. They often take up shelter in homes, sheds, and RVs. Instinct demands they constantly chew and gnaw on material to build their nests - causing damage to personal property. Also, mice can carry and transmit deadly diseases to humans. They often serve as a transportation source for fleas and ticks and are therefore a threat to public health.

The Facts

  • Trailers and motorhomes sit unattended for long periods when not in use. They become inviting targets for mice, squirrels, and insects to take over and claim as their own. 
  • Rodents work their way in through holes made to accommodate water, sewer, propane pipes and power lines underneath the motorhome. 
  • Among the top five RV insurance claims are damage caused by rodent infestations. The mice chew through electrical wires, rubber, and plastic hoses, completely disabling the motorhome. 
  • Mice can carry disease. Hantavirus, a particularly dangerous disease carried by deer mice, can be breathed in while cleaning up mouse droppings.

Entry Points For Rodents

Are you wondering how rodents are entering your RV? Check out our video below:


How to Spray Mouse Free


Press Releases

Virus From Rodent Droppings Suspected in Death of Utah Man

Public health authorities say the 28-year-old man died Sept. 3, a day after he checked into a hospital. People typically get infected while sweeping up rodent droppings without a mask.
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New Mexico Woman, 25, in Serious Condition After Contracting Rodent Virus

State Department of Health spokeswomen Deborah Busemeyer says an investigation into where she might have contracted the virus found boxes that had been taken out of storage during a move and evidence of rodents.
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Three Transplant Patients Die of Rodent Virus

Two people from Massachusetts and one from Rhode Island died in early May of LCMV, which is associated with exposure to rodent waste.
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Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Your life is at risk! Prevent infection from rodents!
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Mouse Free: Mouse Repelling Undercarriage Lubricant - Tech and How To - RV Magazine

If you see a mouse, or signs of it, you can bet your last slice of bread many more lurk just behind the walls or under cabinets. There are very few products on the market just for this, but only one specifically made for RVs: Mouse Free.
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PDF Downloads

For access to printable materials, please download the following links:

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