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Answers to frequently asked Mouse Free questions

How does Mouse Free work?

Simply put, a lubricating non-drip coating is applied to the entire undercarriage of your RV. Rodents and other critters cannot walk or climb on the coating. The coating is unique in that it stops rodents from the outside. Most products try to make them leave from the inside, but by then it is too late!

Can I apply Mouse Free myself?

Yes! Mouse Free is a “Do It Yourself” product that you can spray yourself. It is simple and easy. A manual is provided, and we are happy to walk you through the application if needed.

Can my RV Dealer apply Mouse Free for me?

Yes! A trained, certified technician can apply the Mouse Free protective coating to the entire undercarriage of your trailer or motorhome. Simply make an appointment with your local RV Service Center.

Where can I buy Mouse Free?

Visit our Products page to purchase jugs or pails. To find a Mouse Free dealer, please visit our Dealer Locator page.

What are the risks associated with mice infestation?

The risks associated with rodent and pest infestation are real and serious. To learn more about the risks associated with mice infestation, please visit our Resources page.

How are rodents getting into my RV?

The most common entry point is the undercarriage or the bottom of your RV. Mice climb up whatever is touching the ground; usually it is your tires or jacks. Then they end up on your undercarriage. They walk and climb across the frame in search of holes to get up inside your RV.

Your RV's bottom is full of little holes that are drilled through the floor to allow passage of wiring, water lines, propane lines, etc. Rodents use these same holes as a little doorway to enter. Often these holes have been filled with spray foam or caulking, but that is no match for gnawing rodents that have all the time in the world to make and chew a hole. Now they are inside! A big beautiful RV - all to themselves! For a time anyways, until they make a nest and have offspring. A little problem can become a big problem in no time.

Even if you trap the first mice that make it inside your RV, there is still the scent trail on the undercarriage that was left inviting new mice to follow the same path to the same hole that was found by the first mouse. Often people say they never had a problem with mice for years, but once they had one, they just keep getting in. 

If you’re curious about how rodents and pests are getting into your RV, motorhome, or trailer, take a look at our video: 


Is Mouse Free safe to be around children and pets?

YES! Mouse Free is non-toxic and safe! The base oil is similar to petroleum jelly that parents use on babies. The oils are the same grade used in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Do I have to wash my RV undercarriage first?

No. It is not necessary to wash the bottom first. The product will adhere and coat right over any dust or dirt that is on the undercarriage. You would only wash the bottom first if you had thick mud built up from those times you went deep into the wilderness to find that perfect camping spot and ended up with off-road mud in the wheel wells. Then you would rinse the thick mud off.

Can I spray it when the bottom is wet?

Yes! The product is amazing! It will stick on and coat even if the bottom is wet from rain or still wet after washing.

Will I smell the product inside or outside my RV?

No. You will not notice any smell inside or outside your RV. The product is specifically designed to hold the scent within the coating rather than diffusing it quickly out into the air. This allows the product to last a year rather than just a few weeks. It is similar to having hand lotion on your hand. You cannot smell it until you put your hand close to your nose and then you notice the scent within the lotion. So if you want to smell the pleasant scent of Mouse Free you will have to put your nose an inch away from your undercarriage. Rodents with their keen sense of smell will steer clear of your camper when protected with Mouse Free.

What happens if I already have mice in my RV?

Mice can multiply quickly. So it is important to act fast if you notice signs of mice to prevent damage. The Mouse Free coating will prevent mice from getting into your RV, but it does not make them leave if they are already nesting deep inside your RV. It is important to place multiple traps to catch all of them. One nest can have over 6 young! Offspring can reproduce in as little as 6 weeks! So it is best to spray the bottom with Mouse Free to erase the scent trails left behind by the mice that have already found an entry point. Mouse Free will prevent new mice from entering. At the same time, set traps to rid yourself of mice that are living inside cabinets or behind hot water tanks, etc.

Does it still work in extremely cold temperatures? Will freezing damage the product?

Mouse Free is not affected by freezing temperatures, it will continue to protect your RV in any temperature. It works great in the heat of the Arizona desert or during the long extreme cold in Alaska. You can store your extra refill jugs in your unheated garage during the winter too!

What temperature does it have to be to apply Mouse Free? Can I apply when it is below freezing?

Mouse Free will adhere in any temperature; even if it is freezing. But, the product does need to be as warm as possible to spray through the guns tip. So, keep the product and spray gun indoors at room temperature until you are ready to spray. Then walk out and start spraying right away before allowing the product to cool from the cold outside air.

Do I have to clean the spray gun after I use it?

No! There is no need to clean the spray gun. It will not clog even if you leave the gun full of product. Just leave it on the shelf and it will be ready to go for your re-application next year. We told you, this is super easy!

Does it work on all rodents?

Mice are the most common problem experienced and Mouse Free stops them in their tracks. Other rodents such as squirrels and rats are much larger and have the ability to jump and climb much better than mice. For these larger rodents Mouse Free will work to prevent them from going near your RV if they are not already living in your RV. If they are already living inside your RV, you will need to take a more aggressive approach. You will need to trap and remove the large rodent. Then Mouse Free can prevent any new ones.

Does it work for ants and other insects?

Yes! Any climbing insect will walk up whatever is touching the ground, such as your tires and jacks. Then they climb up the undercarriage and work their way inside. These insects cannot pass the Mouse Free shield on the undercarriage. You need to be careful with tree branches that can lie against the side or on top of your RV giving critters a place to get on your RV bypassing the protective coating below.

Does it work to repel bears?

It does not repel bears. However, it fortunately does not attract bears!

Does it work to repel in-laws?

Just kidding....

Can I just spray the perimeter or do I have to spray the entire undercarriage?

It is important to spray the entire bottom. Mice can jump up and get on the bottom anywhere. Areas that receive snow can have snowdrifts that reduce the clearance from the ground to the underneath of the RV. Mice are notorious for finding their way into RVs. So don’t take short cuts. Spray the whole bottom to ensure you are fully protected.

How much does the product cost?

Product pricing can be found on our Product page.

How long does it take to ship and how much is shipping?

We process and ship orders immediately. You will receive tracking information within 24 hours. Ground courier shipping is FREE! Most orders are delivered within 1 to 5 business days. Express shipping is available for a fee.

Can I get product in Canada?

Yes. We have products available to Canada. Click on the "Check out our Canadian Products" tab on the products page to go to the Canadian Store.

Does dirt and dust stick to my bottom?

Driving on a dirt or gravel road will not harm the product at all. Driving on gravel roads tends to leave a little bit of dust whether the coating is there or not. The coating is thin and lightweight and doesn’t pick up any more than usual.

How often do I need to apply Mouse Free?

Mouse Free is effective for all seasons. It will last for two years if the RV is parked or one year if the RV is driven. Agricultural equipment and some vehicles have a more extreme environment and may require more frequent reapplications.

Does the product have an expiry date?

No. The product does not expire. Just keep the lid on the jug and it will work great even if used many years later.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered above? Call 1-877-902-2730 for more information.