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The Invention

The Invention

In the fall of 2005, John began to notice that mice were finding their way inside his fifth wheel. Blindsided by the rodents’ ability to enter his RV, he knew he needed to take action.

In a panic, due to his wife’s fear of rodents, John nearly emptied the shelves of the local hardware store to purchase and set up traps outside his RV. Thankfully, the traps worked. However, the mice had already left behind droppings and damage within his home. Angered while he cleaned and disinfected, John knew that there had to be a better way to prevent rodents and critters from entering his property.

John then became determined to utilize his 20 years of experience in the automotive coatings and lubrication industry to create a product that would repel mice. After four years of research and development, Mouse Free was born!

Mouse Free smells nice to humans but rodents steer clear. Mouse Free also acts as an undercarriage lubricant that creates a thin protective coating which rodents and insects are unable to travel across.